Our Mission

New Life International Foundation for Children (NLIF) is a US charitable, non-profit which exists to provide funding to New Life Foundation, a Tanzanian school and ministry (NLF). NLF is a separate organization, which provides one of the best methods of eradicating poverty in Tanzania and East Africa, by providing a holistic education and 24/7 care to the most vulnerable children in Moshi and surrounding districts. NLF is dedicated to educating and caring for poverty-stricken children to show them Christ's love by giving them hope and a future.


 NLIF  provides financial support for the operation of the NLF school through student sponsorship, staff support, and special project donations.

Who We Are

NLIF is a separate Washington non-profit corporation, which provides financial support, sponsorship support, and mission teams to the NLF school in Tanzania.  NLIF does not operate the school. NLF is a separate Tanzanian organization with its own board of directors.  NLIF serves NLF under an agency agreement.


NLIF is operated by a volunteer board without paid staff. NLIF is one of four similar organizations which provide financial support to NLF. The other organizations are located in New Zealand, S Korea,  and Norway.

"God gives vision and provision for the vision." -Pastor Glorious Shoo

  • Meet our Board of Directors

    We work hard to keep New Life International Foundation running, and we couldn't do it without your support!

    David Schlachter

    Portland, OR


    Laura Davis

    Springfield, MO

    Secretary/Board Member/Staff Support coordinator

    Dale Donnell

    Searcy, Arkansas


    Christine Nemeti

    New York, NY

    Board Member

    Carol Schlachter

    Portland, OR

    Student Sponsorship coordinator

    Mark Brandt,
    Williston, ND,
    Board Member

  • History of New Life Foundation

    New Life Foundation was founded by Rev. Glorious Shoo and his wife, Josephine Shoo, in 2001. It is a Christian boarding school serving children from nursery/kindergarten to the 12th grade. The school began with an initial student body of 14 children and now serves approximately 400 students who are loved, educated, and cared for by the NLF teachers and staff on a 24/7 basis.


    The school opens it doors to the poorest children in Tanzania.  Over 70% of its students cannot afford their local state school fees due to a lack of family income. New Life Foundation’s mission is to serve at least 70% of its students through sponsorship and donations allowing it to offer an excellent holistic education to the children without a full fee to their families. Families who cannot pay for the education are encouraged to contribute something towards their children’s education.  While it may be just one sack of corn per term or some coal for cooking, this ensures the family maintains their self-esteem and investment in their child’s education. The balance of the cost is met by sponsorship.



    NLF is located in Moshi, TZ. NLF uses academic curriculum approved by the Tanzanian government and is taught from a Christian worldview designed to address and provide spiritual care for the students and their families. NLF has 4 schools on different sites surrounding the Moshi area: Nursery, Primary, Elementary, and High School. Students are hard working and studious, resulting in excellent pass rates on their government exams and consistently rank at the top of academic performance for the country. They also serve their local community with a practical outworking of their vibrant faith and joy in Christ through ministry to people in their area, community outreach, and Agricultural programs.

  • Financial Information

    NLIF is a Washington State non-profit corporation and US recognized tax-exempt charitable 501(c)(3) organization. Along with similar organizations from New Zealand and Norway, NLIF provides New Life Foundation the support necessary to operate the NLF boarding school. NLIF was formed in 2004 and is directed by a Board of Directors of 9 individuals. NLIF helps identify and encourage individuals, churches, and organizations to partner with the sponsorship of students and staff support to help fund the costs for food, medical care, education, lodging for students, and staff salaries.


    Student sponsorship raises funds to cover the child's education and living costs, which is an average of $67 per month per student. All gifts are tax deductible with a tax receipt being provided each year. For more information review the current US Tax 990 report or contact us with your questions.


    NLIF is currently registered with the Washington secretary's office under the charitable solicitation act.  For information, you can call 1-800-332-4483, or email charities@secstate.wa.gov.  NLIF is also registered with Oregon as doing business in Oregon, the location of its current office.  You may contact Oregon’s Charitable Activities office at 971-673-1880 or Charitablee.Activities@doj.state.or.us.

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